With over 25 years of being a classic car enthousiast and a car collector I decided it was time to share this passion with others. Euro Collection Cars was founded in 2012.

ghibli blackMy love for classic cars focusses on Maserati classics like the ghibli, indy, mexico and merak. We always have classic Maseratis in our collection. Also the classic Porsche 911, Mercedes, Ferrari and Jaguar models are amongst my favorites. My focus is on the European brands and models but sometimes I cannot refuse some US brands like for example the classic camaro or the corvette stingray which are beautiful cars.

ghibliOur activities comprises not only buying and selling but also restoring. We can help you to manage and coördinate your restoration project. We work with dedicated, affordable restoration workshops which we know for years. It is also possible to place a search order. We then search for your dreamcar within our worldwide network and we can handle all administrative work like transports, imports etc  We can also help you auction your car. We do not service cars. There are good independent mechanical brand experts which we can direct you to.

We operate from our facilities in Roosendaal, the Netherlands. Roosendaal is situated in the south of Holland close to the Belgian border.

We are constantly looking for cars to extend our collection. If you have a classic car for sale that will fit into our collection please contact me via the contacts page. Please send a description of the car and a photo. 

Thank you for visiting my website and glad to be at your service!

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop me an email.


Peter van Adrichem